Maximize your customer recruitment

Holistic, beautifully designed, and effectively executed email campaigns provide proven results

We leverage the latest in technology to provide proven, scientific, best in class results. Ease and simplicity rank high in customer feedback. The results you will receive are what drive the strategies behind us helping you connect the dots in the digital world, after all, that’s what we do. Proven smart blasts with detailed analytics provide best in class, processes, content, lead magnets, welcome campaigns, framework, content, nurturing campaigns and more. Every step is monitored and tested to show you the results.
Help Marketing can deliver up to 53% higher conversion rates than non-users, all creating increased annualized revenue for you. Help Marketing campaigns have seen up to 50% increases in conversion rates, whether it be simple more affordable campaigns to complex campaigns with tens of thousands of contacts and multi-faceted campaigns, let us know your goals and we will help you get there.

Want to reduce your costs? We can set you up to manage your own campaigns and create your own work while we provide background insights to you through monitoring and analytics. Contact us to get started!

Smart Email Campaigns

Our low-cost monthly Strategy + Design + Implementation = Results subscription service includes…

  • Contact list management, compliance and opt-in subscription services
  • The option of email automation strategies for lead conversion and nurturing and determining the appropriate number of interactive email communications to your contacts per month
  • Buildout of new landing pages or forms in order to build your online presence for effective search engine marketing
  • Fully integrate the services with an editing period included upon approval
  • Deliverability testing for each and every broadcast sent on your behalf
  • Flexible pricing for list count not per email, but per contact monthly between 1,000 to over 50,000 contacts as low as $0.65 per lead
  • Easy to use real-time online analytics for your entire digital lead generation strategy, with the option of a free smartphone app for quick responses to home buyer / seller inquiries
  • Design, data, or SEO work for enhancing strategies at below market prevailing rates

Help Marketing smart email leverages technology to…

  • Show you who is most interested in helping you build your career and expand into new areas of your target demographic
  • Monitor contact lists for early indications of potential client prospects entering the market
  • Smart Email integrates with your existing promotional events and activities to create a multiplier effect for each dollar you spend on marketing

Customer Resource Management

We can help you be successful by strengthening and growing your client relationships through the following CRM-related services…

  • Outsourced CRM Managed Services – Let us do all the work
  • CRM Package Options Selection – SalesForce or Dynamics
  • CRM Configuration & Process Design – We tailor the applications to how you want to run your business
  • List Management, Contact Data Import & Hygiene – Quality contacts equals quality clients
  • CRM System Integration with other Business Applications – Tie CRM into your accounting package
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Development – Let us help you market yourself
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboard Reports – Knowledge is power
  • Web and Mobile App Portal Development – Always on, always connected to your next big deal

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Advantages

Marketing automation suites allow you to build, manage and most importantly analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across all channels. In the early days of internet marketing being found and top ranked by search engines, like Google, was the name of the game. Today that is no longer enough due to the sheer number (850,000) of new web pages created every day.

Using a combination of inbound and outbound marketing including multiple social media channels has become essential for your business to reach a level of awareness, presence, and reputation on the web.

Implementing a marketing automation strategy requires a long-term view of how you will build your brand’s online presence and reputation. These application help you precisely determine and invest your time and funds for the greatest payoff of your marketing dollar.

Our Marketing Automation Services include…

  • Outsourced managed Marketing Automation Services
  • Marketing ecosystem design and blueprinting
  • Content creation and design services
  • Marketing Automation routine design and set-up
  • Customer journey mapping and intelligence
  • Website and landing page optimizations
  • Social media management and profile design
  • Lead to conversion traffic generation and metrics
  • Project management and content creation calendars

We would love to help you grow your customer base. Whether you have a small CRM system already implemented or are just looking to get started with contact management, get in touch and we’ll get you on the right track!